Goals of the Project

  • Catia, Pat and TasiaTo enable people to become more deeply aware of the pervasive nature of racism today – both locally and nationally  (including systemic, cultural, and personal racism, and the inevitable involvement of white people in the current system of racism)
  • To amplify the voices of historically excluded people in the local discourse and create new opportunities for the perspectives of people of color to be heard by all
  • To create conditions for more community members of all racial backgrounds to collaborate in pursuing an ongoing, local anti-racism agenda

IF YOU SUPPORT THESE GOALS, WE INVITE YOU TO ALLOW US TO LIST YOUR NAME, WITH OTHERS, AS SOMEONE WHO PUBLICLY ENDORSES THESE GOALS.   We hope to build broad community support for these goals and we appreciate those who have already publicly endorsed them.  See Endorsers listed on this site.  To get involved in other ways please see Take Action/Get Involved.

Please complete the form below to become an Endorser.