Take Other Actions

Current Coming Together Action Projects
Small groups are working on these projects and there is an opportunity to get involved with them at our monthly Video Series and Action Meetings.

Other Action Steps with “Coming Together” 
Here you can connect with us and sign up for a Study/Reflection group, host a small (potluck) supper party, and much more.

20 Small Steps for White People
(Which are surprisingly difficult to take)

Break the Silence – Conversations You Can Initiate
White people having conversations about race and racism with other white people, is a key way to take action against racism.  Until we can talk openly about racism, we won’t have much chance of changing it.  This is a skill that can be developed.

Please note that we call this taking “other” actions because we believe, learning, connecting with others, and telling our stories and healing are all important action steps.  They all build our capacities for clear, informed, thinking and action.

However, we also need to go beyond that to interrupt racism, to work collectively to dismantle the ways that systemic racism (whether intentionally or unintentionally) shows up in local hiring practices, racial profiling, politics, housing policies, and in our schools.

For those who are white, it is not appropriate to ask people of color to teach you about racism, but it is appropriate to find people of color who are speaking out against racism and leading efforts to dismantle racism, and back them and follow their leadership.

Another useful step is to patronize businesses owned by people of color, to make financial contributions to anti-racism organizations led by people of color, to endorse candidates for public office who are people of color, and to generally use your resources to help people of color and their cultures to thrive in our area and nationally.