Next in our Film/Video Series

Have a great summer.  We’ll be back with more fine video, film, discussion, and connection  starting on Thursday night, September 8, 2016 at The Jones Library at 7PM.   Details will be posted here by mid-August.

We are planning to mostly show shorter videos to allow more time for us to talk, connect with each other, and begin to plan some action steps to help dismantle racism together.  We hope you will join us!

Now available!  The video of our Black Lives Matter Community Forum in Amherst on March 22, 2016.  Click here to view it on Amherst Media.

“Coming Together” is a project for the greater Amherst, MA area to engage the community to talk about race, better understand each other, stand against racism, and build a healthier community.

How much racism is there in the Amherst area?
“Not much”, say many white people.  “I experience it all the time”, say many people of color.  Racism can be hard to see when you are white.

Painful realities, but not about blame or guilt
Although there are painful realities that must be faced in understanding contemporary racism, this project is not built around blame or guilt.  It is designed to engage people of good will of all racial identities in getting more connected with each other to create a community with more equitable access, participation, outcomes, and understanding.  (We do suggest that most white people have more to learn about contemporary racism.)

Who is this for?
Everyone in and around Amherst, MA, of all racial backgrounds, is invited to embark on this exploration together.  Use this site to: