What can we do? – 4 key actions for everyone

    We can all learn more about racism – contemporary and historical. Part of what is hard on people of color  in the Amherst area, is that so few white people really “get it” about how pervasive racism is both locally and nationally.  Becoming well informed is a vital action step for white people. People of color can learn more about the particular ways racism hits people of other “races” and gain a deeper understanding of internalized racism.
If we want to dismantle racism, we’ll need to make continuing to learn about race and racism, a lifelong practice.
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    Dismantling racism will require collective effort.  No one of us can do this alone.  We will be more effective and have better lives if we broaden our relationships – both with people of our own “race” and with people of other racial backgrounds.
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    All of us, regardless of our racial background, have been impacted by race and racism.  We all have feelings connected to race.  Finding safety to tell our stories and feel our feelings can help us heal from the corrosive effects that living in a racialized society has had on both people of color and white people.
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    Institutional, systemic, and cultural policies and practices that manifest and support racism must be dismantled and changed.  This will require speaking out and organizing.  Ultimately we must end  white domination of our institutions and public decisions locally and beyond.  We can create a truly inclusive society characterized by mutual respect and equity.  There is always something you can do to help move things in a good direction.
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