Cartoons, Bibliography, Links, and Other Video Resources

Cartoons and other images

Includes a classic graphic about the difference between Equality and Justice and a cartoon entitled “A brief history of black-white relations in the US.”

Other Video Resources

This page includes links to an important local talk by Dr. Barbara Love, our community Black Lives Forum, our multi-racial panel discussion on being invisible and hyper-visible in Amherst, and an Amherst Media interview with Russ Vernon-Jones by Marcie Sclove.


This includes fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books, and DVD’s, all related to race, racism and white supremacy.  This list was developed primarily by the librarians at The Jones Library in Amherst, MA and most of these items are available there.

Links to Other Resources on the Internet

This includes links to The Movement for Black Lives Platform and 10 other useful resources.