Learn More About Racism

A key step we can take against racism is to learn more about it.  Racism today doesn’t look the way it did 55 years ago.  It has morphed and adopted “coded” and so-called “colorblind” language.  We need to be able to identify it and develop the skills to stand up against it and dismantle it.  Much of what we need to know is unreported or misrepresented in the media.  Exploring the resources on this site (listed below) can be a next step in developing a life-long practice of learning about race, racism, and anti-racism.

What is racism ?
Video Clips  informative, some humorous
Frequently asked questions about race (FAQ)
Featured readings  (8 brief informative essays)
Cartoons and other images
Links to other video resources
Bibliography – recommended fiction and non-fiction books, videos, and films

After you’ve explored what’s on this site, there are many other excellent resources.  You might want to check out the resource list assembled by our friends in the Greenfield area at www.racialjusticerising.org  Their monthly newsletter always has links to some new readings and interesting ideas.