Action Steps with “Coming Together”

IMG_0560Concrete action by many individuals of all identities will be needed to dismantle racism in the Amherst area and beyond.  Below is a menu of options for getting involved.  We invite you to chose at least one, and hopefully a few, that are a good fit for you – challenging, but do-able.  Click on each link to sign up or to send us a question.

  1. Join the Coming Together Action Network – We are identifying a group of people who want to be local activists for racial justice – who will network with each other, identify key issues, develop proposals, and advocate vigorously for their implementation, on an on-going basis.
  2. Sign up for a Study/Reflection Group   – These small groups will meet for 6 two-hour sessions with a facilitator to learn more about contemporary racism, reflect on our personal experiences and feelings related to race, build relationships, and develop skills as anti-racists. After participating in these groups you may want to join an on-going monthly support group.
  3.  Host a supper party  – Invite five or more friends to a supper (potluck?) to talk about race, racism, and anti-racism.  Coming Together will provide a discussion facilitator (depending on scheduling and availability).
  4.  Invite a speaker to your organization  – Coming Together will provide someone to come speak to your group (religious congregation, PTO, civic club, etc.).  Cost will be modest and will depend on the ability of the group to pay.
  5.  Expand your personal relationships – Spend more time with people whose racial identities are different from your own.  Take initiative to make this happen.  When you are with people who have the same racial identity as you, initiate conversations about race, racism, and how to dismantle racism.
  6. Publicly endorse the goals of the Coming Together Project  – Your name will be listed on the Coming Together website as an endorser.
  7. Volunteer to help with organizing events and/or help in some other way.
  8.  Attend public events – Sign up to be notified about speakers, video showings, potluck suppers, etc. that are sponsored by Coming Together and other local organizations to help everyone learn more about current racism.  These events will include opportunities for meeting new people and for dialogue.
  9. Learn on your own – Read the material on this site at Learn More About Racism and About the Project.  Read some of the books and see some of the films listed on the Bibliography that is available on the website.  Talk with people about your questions and about what you learn.